Pay-per-click advertising allows you to display an ad and hyperlink to your website on search engine result pages (see example).

For as low as 10 cents you can display an enticing ad that promotes your website every time a particular keyword is searched upon at Google, MSN or Yahoo.

The PPC programs of the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN) have the following characteristics:

  • Specify a budget
  • Select keywords and/or regions that you want your ad to appear in
  • Write the ads
  • Bid a certain amount for each visitor clicking on your ad
  • Use tools to increase the effectiveness of each ad (higher click through rates for individuals more likely to purchase your company’s product or service.

Our Approach
Companies are realizing the value of running Pay-Per-Click campaigns in conjunction with their search engine optimization initiatives. At the same time, very few companies are tracking a pay-per-click campaign’s ROI and are not taking pro-active measures to increase their conversion rates.

Whether your company needs to start a PPC campaign or is currently running one, RWeb Consulting increased click through rates and conversion rates by:

  • Identifying the highest conversion keywords to bid on
  • Writing ads that will have high click through rates
  • Directing traffic to well optimized landing pages so they convert

To learn more about our pay per click consulting, please contact RWeb's pay per click consultant team.